Assistant Executive Director  (download pdf)
TITLE:  Assistant Executive Director   
REPORTS TO: ESVA Tourism Commission Executive Director 
SUPERVISES: Part Time Employees and Volunteers of Southern Gateway Welcome Center
SCOPE: The Assistant Executive Director reports directly to the Executive Director and is responsible for the successful operation of the Southern Gateway Welcome Center, including direct supervision and recruitment of its staff and volunteers. This position is also responsible for the successful recruitment and retention of advertisers in the annual Travel Guide, as well as rack space and light box displays in the Southern Gateway Welcome Center.

A. Welcome Center Operations
1. Maintain Organized Welcome Center, including visitor, work, and storage areas

  • Maintain adequate office supplies; Keep TV, computers monitors, printer, Wi-Fi, light boxes, rack/overhead lights operational; Maintain well stocked brochure/rack displays

2. Responsible for adequate and informed staffing of Welcome Center • As needed, recruit and screen part-time employees for hiring by the Executive Director.

  • Recruit and screen volunteers to supplement part-time staff
  • Provide orientation and training for staff/volunteers
  • Periodically arrange for FAM tours for staff
  • Assure professional appearance of staff/volunteers of Welcome Center
  • Promote proactive involvement with visitors, providing service beyond the expected
  • Create/Maintain/Distribute a monthly work schedule of Welcome Center staff/volunteers
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with CBBT - maintenance, security, marketing, & IT personnel
  • Maintain operational sections of the Welcome Center Training & Operations Manual

3. Responsible for all Tourism Information Requests (TIR’s) • Receive requests (VTC, website, HQ), Record Data in TIR’s spreadsheet, and Respond
4. Responsible for all aspects of Kiosk operations and maintenance
5. Responsible for all aspects of TV PowerPoint Maintenance

B. Southern Gateway Database Management
1. Maintain tourism statistics in spreadsheets
2. Welcome Center Daily Data in the Table and Visitor Charts spreadsheet – number of:

  • Visitors, Visitor Guides taken overnight, Tourism Information Requests received, Tourist contact information and interest areas in the Tourism Information Requests (TIR's) spreadsheet 

C. Sales
1. Educate local tourism businesses about all marketing opportunities available through the ESVA Tourism Commission, its Welcome Centers, its Travel Guide and its website
2. Responsible for identifying tourism business needs that will foster growth and strength in the local tourism industry
3. Responsible for filling all open advertising/marketing opportunities and delivering on targeted sales goals
4. Responsible for collection of outstanding invoices generated from marketing opportunities

D. Executive
1. Attend meetings on behalf of the Executive Director, as needed.
2. Conduct Board meetings on behalf of the Executive Director in his/her absence
3. Works with the Executive Director in maintaining current personnel data and contact information

E. All other duties assigned, as needed

A. Knowledge/Education/Experience
A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, or closely-related field and 2-3 years’ experience, preferably in tourism, or any combination of training and experience which provide the required skills, knowledge and abilities.  An emphasis will be placed on those who have worked with the promotion of tourism and have marketing experience, as well as understands the principles of volunteer management.

B. Ability to
Handle multiple tasks and projects, develop and motivate volunteers, communicate effectively, review and appraise complex issues; supervise personnel; establish and maintain strong working relationships with others.

Must be able to work a flexible schedule to accommodate the organization’s needs.