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Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge   --   Chincoteague Island
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14,000 acres of beach, maritime forest, saltmarsh, and freshwater marsh are home to a spectacular variety of migratory birds and wildlife. 10 miles of breathtaking natural beach provide plenty of elbow room and private time. Wonderful for families is the Tom Cove area with beach parking, picnic areas, and bathhouse facilities including lifeguards during the summer season. Herbert Bateman Center is a great introduction to the refuge’s many wonders.

PO Box 62, 8231 Beach Road
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-336-6122  

Phone 2:  757-336-5273   (Fax)

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Mutton Hunk Fen Natural Area Preserve   --   Parksley
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Mutton Hunk Fen Natural Area Preserve is located on the seaside of Accomack County on Virginia's Eastern Shore.The protected acreage fronts on Gargathy Bay on the east and is bounded by Whites Creek and Mutton Hunk Branch on the north. A conservation focus of this protection effort was the occurrence of a globally rare sea-level fen community - one of only four in Virginia. Sea-level fens are open, freshwater wetlands located between uplands and wide, oceanside tidal marshes. The freshwater wetland vegetation is sustained by springs at the upland edge that provide large volumes of fresh groundwater. The low nutrient content of the groundwater and the acidic conditions of the soil strongly influence the types of plants found in sea-level fens. The vegetation consists of an interesting combination of acid-tolerant bog plants and tidal freshwater wetland plants capable of surviving in low nutrient areas. Five state-rare plant species occur here.

220 acres formerly under private lease for agricultural production have been converted to migratory songbird habitat, as originally prescribed in the sale agreement.

The protection of this and other properties in the area is a cooperative effort of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, The Nature Conservancy and the Virginia Eastern Shore Land Trust.

Public access facilities include a parking lot and two walking trails - one to the marsh overlooking Gargathy Bay and one along White's creek.

East on Baker Road (Rt 742)
Parksley , VA  23421


Phone 1:  757-787-5989   (Office)

Phone 2:  757-678-6208   (Mobile)

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