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Tangier Island Cruises   --   Crisfield
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Discovering history and charm

The Steven Thomas leaves from the

Thomas Dock at 10th & Main, Crisfield, MD

Fees: Crisfield to Tangier

Round trip: $25

Staying overnight: $35


1001 West Main Street
Crisfield , MD  21817


Phone 1:  410-968-2338  

Phone 2:  800-863-2338  

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Tangier Cruises   --   Reedville
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Boat - The Chesapeake Breeze

We specialize in cruises to Tangier Island on the Chesapeake Bay. The Breeze leaves for Tangier Island every day at 10:00 am and returns about 4:00 pm. Enjoy a wonderful day out on the Chesapeake Bay and on Tangier Island.

Fees: Reedville to Tangier

Round trip: $25

Staying overnight: $40


Buzzard Point Marina, 468 Buzzard Point Road
Reedville , VA  22539


Phone 1:  804-453-2628  

Phone 2:  804-453-3018   (Fax)

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