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Beebe Ranch   --   Chincoteague Island
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Not just ponies anymore - something for everybody!

Come see our new little filly Drizzle!! She is a 6th generation Misty descendant!! She's the first foal born at the ranch since 1972 -- 44 years ago!!!

Purchase your MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE series of books, stamped by Grandpa Beebe's branding iron and signed by Billy K. Beebe.

ALSO, check out a variety of art, vintage, and salvaged items.

3062 Ridge Road
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-869-0294  

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Giving Tree Garden Market   --   New Church
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A "full circle" garden center providing a diverse selection of quality plants, gardening supplies, professional landscape services, with reliable, friendly customer service, and unparalleled environmental knowledge to the residents and visitors of the Eastern Shore.

Store hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 9am - 5pm

33050 Chincoteague Road
New Church , VA  23415


Phone 1:  757-824-0003  

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La Caridad Farm   --   Parksley
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Locally produced meat and eggs

Raising heritage livestock breeds on pasture to provide your family with locally produced meat and eggs. 

We currently offer chicken and duck eggs, and whole and half-shares of pork and whole rabbit.

We're here to provide an alternative source of meat for our Eastern Shore community. If there's something specific you'd like to see, please let us know!

Heading west on Parksley Road, look for the green ranch house on the right.

25087 Parksley Road
Parksley , VA  23421


Phone 1:  757-710-7830  

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